Swiggy Gears up for $800 Million IPO

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You have come to the right place to know how Swiggy gears up for $800 IPO. You may trade unlisted Swiggy shares on reputed online trading platforms and want to invest in its IPO. With Zomato, the competitor for Swiggy in India, coming out with its IPO in July 2021 and doubling its offer value of Rs. 76 to trade around 150 now, many like you want to know Swiggy’s IPO details. Also, with the recent valuation of Swiggy being over 10 billion dollars compared to about 1 billion dollars for Zomato in 2021, investors want to know about Swiggy’s share prices and how the company prepares for its IPO during mid-2024.

Check out in detail how Swiggy is gearing up for its proposed IPO to list its shares in the Indian stock exchanges of NSE and BSE to fund its logistics diversification and expand its current 100 locations to increase sales and profits. 

When is Swiggy coming out with its $800 million IPO?

The Indian markets are near their all-time highs for many reasons, including to bring back investor confidence for companies to come out with IPOs or initial public offerings. Also, Zomato, after doubling from its issue price of Rs. 76 to 152 in 2021, touched an all-time low of Rs.46 to return to its all-time high. It has boosted the investors’ confidence in online food companies for Swiggy to quicken their IPO process. Swiggy expects to post excellent annual results after the financial year 2023-2024 competition to increase its issue price and list at a higher price on the stock exchanges. And, with elections for the Indian parliament happening in May, experts predict that Swiggy may come out with its IPO in mid or around June, July, and August in 2024.

How is Swiggy gearing up for its $800 million IPO?

Swiggy and Zomato are two online food delivery platforms that have been competing with each other in the last decade for the flourishing doorstep delivery business. Zomato has already come with the IPO as early as 2021 and is again trading at all-time highs after a steep rise in faith. Hence, Swiggy’s top competitor also wants to hit the stock exchanges to sell its unlisted shares to boost its image. Accordingly, Swiggy is gearing up for its IPO by adding new private directors to the board and expects to post excellent results for the current fiscal year. Also, Softbank, holding 9% of the unlisted shares, wants to book profits by divesting them in the stock exchanges. It is mainly the Investco-led funding round confirming the value of Swiggy’s share price nse to be over 10 billion dollars, which is enormous compared to Zomato’s pre-listing value of above 1 billion dollars only. 

The above facts will show you when Swiggy will come out with its IPO and its plans to list in the exchanges for you to buy unlisted Swiggy shares from reputed online platforms to make huge profits. Check Swiggy’s share price to make a well-informed decision. 

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